Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Log blog

My street is a bit spooky. Not scary: I don't fear being mugged or snaffled by lurkers. It's spooky. Eery. Like Twin Peaks. Like an abandoned fairground. Like a shadowy billowing figure walking down the middle of the road at 11pm. On stilts. That's what I saw the other night. It was quite frightning before I figured out what it was. And then once I had figured it out, it was spooky.

And there's a giant Mad Max-esque spooky truck parked permanently nearby.

The shovels tip it over from the category of cool to spooky.

And then a log appeared on my intercom buzzer.

This seemed quite Blair Witch to me. I left the log there, because I felt the spooky elements were waiting to see what I would do, and doing nothing seemed to be the least risky action (ignore them and they'll go away etc etc). I didn't want to see it replaced with a dead cat or human limb, for example. Plus it made describing to visitors how to get to my apartment really easy ("It's the one with the log on the intercom. Can't miss it").

Two days later, someone took it off and put it on the nature strip, and then it vanished, probably to be used as fuel for some spooky moonlight bonfire down the street.