Thursday, March 29, 2007

Birkenhead schmirkenhead

Newtown isn't renowned for its factory outlets. It fact, you'd probably think it doesn't have any at all. But you'd be wrong. How could you go past this one, for example:

Imagine the array of grey shirts and trousers! Or you could really go wild with an orange reflective vest!

And then there's the Dairy Bell ice-cream factory on Australia Street, which makes enticing claims outside:

But upon entering, you discover an odd little room which seems suspiciously like your family's lounge room circa 1978, offering up a paltry selection of ice-creams which you didn't even know were still available on the market, like that multi-coloured rainbow one. Pah.

A factory outlet which will never disappoint, and which this whole post has been skillfully building up to, is the magazine place on Alice Street. It has no name, and I have no photo of it, and it opens only on Saturdays between 11am and 3pm. Which makes it sound like a very exclusive brothel. But it's actually a room piled with magazines, all recent issues and many air-freighted, all of which cost $10 for three. They have the most incredible selection, including amazing art and design titles, most of which have still got seriously hefty price tags from places like Ariel. You can literally get hundreds of dollars worth of magazine for around $30. And you will, from this day on, literally make scoffing sounds as you pass by newsagents.

The place makes money by acquiring recently outdated stock from publishers and sellers, packaging them into little bundles of hand-picked titles, and supplying them to swanky hairdressers, doctors etc who have swishy-pants waiting rooms (I personally have never attended a waiting room with anything other than tatty New Ideas from 2005, so I can only imagine the calibre of such waiting rooms). Ingenious.

It's opposite the little corner shop about half-way down Alice Street.


edd said...

are you suggesting that "australia's BIGGEST ice cream cones" is not an enticing claim?!? pah! to you my friend.

p.s. nice blog job mate!

Justyna said...

finally an answer!!! when michal and i lived off alice we used to walk past that place every day wondering what in the world it was! it was just being set up. you could peep through the window and see all the magazine stacks. and a van in the evenings dropping off more stacks. thanks noseyinnewtown!

Anonymous said...

Are you mad? You never, NEVER tell people about the magazine shop. The news spreads like a virus and vultures descend and pick over your favourite remainders.

Nosey in Newtown said...

I must confess that I did think about this issue before writing the post. But Nosey in Newtown can hardly start keeping secrets to herself. Goes against the Code of Noseyness!

Anonymous said...

does anyone know where this shop has moved to? i need a magazine fix but now there is just a junky bric a brac store there, no magazines at all!!!

if you know where its gone email me - ill love you forever!

Nosey in Newtown said...

The magazine place on Alice Street has moved to 26 Hercules Street, Dulwich Hill. It's open the same time (Saturdays until 3pm) I think. The number for Julian, who runs it, is 9550 4939.