Saturday, March 3, 2007

Everything you ever wanted to know about letter boxes

I spent the morning delivering campaign material for the Marrickville Greens, which soon became an in-depth study of letter boxes. There's the ones with creaky little flaps and crappy little slots which aren't actually large enough to accommodate a letter. There's the ones built into doors, so stiff that it takes all your finger strength to push them open, and then you have to use your pinky to jam in the mail, and quickly pull your fingers away so they don't get scissored as the slot snaps shut. There's the ones where the mail easily glides in then glides right out the back. I felt sorry for postmen.

This was the saddest letter box I saw. Left to fend for itself in an overgrown front yard.

This was far and away the best. Stylish, but functional. Which was important to me by the end of the morning.

This was the best house number.

The position on junk mail is, of course, one of the features of a letter box. Some are more insistent than others.

Some are clearly owned by students.

And some are science students.


Anonymous said...

i call on Greens' letterboxers everywhere to rise up against those selfish enough to have teeny, weeny, little letterboxes that are rusty and impossible to get mail into. these people need to be made to pay! buy a decent bloody letterbox you tightwads!
like the blog :)

suzysiu said...

Oh I love the experiment!

Ali-bell said...

feels a bit weird to comment on a post that's almost 3 years old... but I've pretty much read through your entire archives today...argh where has my day gone?!. I walk past the biodegradable experiment every day on my way to uni (although I'm on holidays now, so to be honest I haven't walked past it for a couple of months!). anyway i noticed this photo seems to have been taken right at the start of the experiment - you should go back and take another one now and do a comparison!