Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Eyewitness transondy elecommuincation

I was standing on King Street, chatting to Sonia and Mel, who I had just run into, when a man came up to us and showed us a piece of paper.

Having lived in Paris, where you can't go anywhere near a tourist attraction without someone approaching you with a piece of paper that says 'Do you speak English?', and if you answer in the affirmative, another one that tells how they're a deaf mute needing money, I was ready to dismissively say I didn't have any change. But I was more than happy to give over my payment to Peter, which was his name, after reading his note and asking for a photo of it. Unlike his Parisian counterparts, he is actually deaf, and he mimed to me that I seemed cold, which, based on his note, seems to be a particular interest of his. I walked away thinking about CB radios, which I hadn't thought about for quite some time.

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Karen said...

woah, deaf and schizophrenic. Tough break.