Thursday, March 1, 2007

Flightless bird

There was a dying magpie on the footpath this morning. I wrapped him in my cardigan and took him to the Erskineville vet to get put down. They said he had probably been hit by a car. It was a demoralising start to the day.

Fittingly, I noticed another downcast girl has appeared.

The other one has been painted over already. While I was taking this photo, a man on a bicycle passed by and said to me, 'They're great, aren't they?'. I felt better about the world.


Karen said...

ooh, you're so brave and good! Flapping distressed birds are very scary.

Dezza said...

Dear Nosey,

Can you find out who is behind the downcast girl? If he/she is downcast too, maybe you can help spread some joy and happiness.

I suspect the opposite though, painting on other people's boring fences is sure to make you happy.