Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spooky truck update

The spooky Mad Max truck on my street has gone.

But it has been replaced by an even spookier Mad Max truck.

This one has some kind of crane on the back. And undeniably spooky decals.

What are these trucks for, I ask you? I keep daring myself to leave an inquisitive little note on the windscreen for the owner. But then I freak out. So I'll keep nervously lurking about the place trying to gather evidence.


lucazoid said...

I ride past these trucks every day. I didn't really think of them as spooky, although mad max is a definite reference. I figured they were some kind of feral inland-going vehicle. They retire to Sydney for repairs, after long sorties through the desert wilderness hunting down new petroleum reservoirs to top up their hungry tanks.

It behooves you to leave that note!

Nosey in Newtown said...

I like your theory. They do seem like they belong in the desert, but that could just be the Mad Max Factor again.

Maybe they only seem spooky to me because I have to walk past them in the dark, and I have elaborate nightmarish visions about a city-dwelling outback murderer residing inside.

And outback murderers don't take too kindly to whimsical notes left on their windscreen, I've decided. Still, now you've behooved me, I have no choice but to take action!

Vanessa said...

Unless there are lots of these things in the inner west, I am sure that the green truck used to have its home on Nelson St in Annandale. I'd walk past it every day and it perplexed me similarly. It was parked outside a place that was some kind of film-related business. Film - Mad Max - I thought the same as you.
They look like grossly enlarged toys.

Nosey in Newtown said...

I am working up the courage to leave a note this weekend, so either we'll solve this mystery, or I'll get murdered.

beth said...

I await their reply with bated breath!!

Jake said...

The desert is right. I saw them together out at a station somewhere in SA after the Solar Eclipse festival in 2002.
I remember after my initial awe being pretty annoyed as they tore down the track past us with their cranes and shovels while we were all bogged in a creek bed.
I think they are probably associated with earthdream, oms not bombs etc