Monday, April 2, 2007

Bug on wheels

On Saturday I rode the chocolate and fine foods tour of the inner west led by the Marrickville and South Sydney Bicycle Users Group (MASSBUG). It was one of those things that you find out about quite completely by chance, and you think you're very clever for discovering such an obscure, delightful unassuming little experience like a local bicycle tour. And then 20 other people turn up, and you think 'Did they all find out about this by Googling dairy+bell+newtown?!' And then you discover that the Herald ran a story on it.

It was fantastic that they did, because with so many bikes riding together it really felt like a giant, chocolate-eating, peddling creature (a massbug maybe?) was roaming about the place, taking over the road for a morning, in a ramshackle kind of way. An old man watching us pass near the Cooks River observed, rather optimistically, 'It's just like the Tour de France!'

Only two stops of the Tour d'Inner West fell within Nosey's domain. The first was, amusingly, Alfalfa House, which is my beloved local food co-op. I felt kind of sheepish 'touring' its aisles in my bicycle helmet. The other was TIM Products opposite Enmore Park, which sells heavenly continental sweets. The tour was supposed to be calorie-neutral, but it definitely wasn't. I was eating baklava and Dutch chocolate gelato before 10am.

Here's some pictorial highlights.

First two photos taken from the MASSBUG website


Justyna said...

when did you get a bike?!

Nosey in Newtown said...

Oh yes, I forgot to thank Sonia for lending me the wheels! Thanks Sonia!!

This was my first bike-riding experience since you led us on your cross-country tour of outer Krakow last year, Justyna. Ah, I recall the fear as trucks passed us at 200km/h while we cycled on the gravel next to the freeway like it was only yesterday.

Meredith said...

I love the blog Nosey & look forward to new posts. Welcome to the blogosphere.

Karen said...

how delightful!!

about said...

This is another bike group in Newtown. Know them? Like what they do with old bikes: