Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter in the 'hood

The Easter bunny paused outside a house on Railway Street, looking a bit shabby chic.

The Urban Store attracted customers by associating food with the inside of sneakers. This combo didn't win me over.

Elizabeth's Bookshop hedged its bets with promotion of books, chocolate and Neil Sedaka.

The Fallen Angels brothel on Enmore Road pulled out all the stops for those looking for love over the long weekend.

But it's Yoshi Jones who won the Nosey in Newtown Award for Best Easter-Themed Window Display with their scrum of hollow paper bunnies.

I rewarded them by buying an over-priced red hoodie.


Meredith said...

The sign at the brothel doesn't say much for their professionalism. But the air-con would have been nice.

Nosey in Newtown said...

Yes, after the excitement of the body rub it would be nice to cool down in front of the air conditioning.

rita said...

working at Yoshi Jones I guess I know a little about the background to the hoodie - overpriced it may seem however American apparel who makes these hoodies are well known for their ethical work practices and don not use sweat shop labour. Worth it for that alone but additional to this is the Yoshi Jones original flocked image and zipper accessory that adds that further je ne sais - originality the item. You can add it to your usual wardrobe or collect the yoga/ leisure pant to match and t-shirt. All made of the same ethical product with Yoshi embellishments. I must add the prices are reasonable and Yoshi makes every effort to keep her prices affordable and within reason, does not use unethically made products with most things manufactured in Australia.

Nosey in Newtown said...

Thanks for the feedback Rita! It's interesting to know the story behind the price-tag. I actually really love the red hoodie, and just last weekend my mum said it was the "nicest" hoodie she'd seen! Also great to know that Yoshi supports ethical production.