Thursday, April 5, 2007

Meeting the neighbours

The mint plant that I got for free from the Sydney Park open day, is now housed in an old tea tin I found in a pile of junk on Wilson Street. Free stuff on free stuff action.

The inquisitive New Zealand pigeon wasn't free, and isn't even from Newtown (he's from Tiritiri Matangi), but he likes fruit and foliage, so he was naturally drawn to the photo set up.

Speaking of inquisitive pigeons, I've stumbled upon some other lovely blogs which are the geographic neighbours of Nosey, who, in comparison, has just moved into the street. Have a squiz at Marrickvillia, Life in Chippendale and Bilateral Petersham. The latter records Lucas Ihlein's artist-in-residence year, during which he didn't ever leave The 'Sham. Pretty impressive, eh? Makes me feel a bit guilty for failing to even stick within the boundaries of Newtown just for subject matter for Nosey (New Zealand pigeon being a case in point). Let me know if you know of any other inner west neighbourhood blogs.

And thanks to Braddon for the gardening!


Meredith said...

That pigeon is nice - there are so few decorative pigeons, aren't there? Which is probably why I thought at first it was a duck.

Welcome nosey!

M-H said...

The Other Andrew is a Newtown Blog. Web Goddess is a Chippendale Blog. Witty Knitter is a Leichhardt blog. PhDBlogit is a Marrickville blog. There are lots of local bloggers! Google for URLS.

Your Kereru doesn't look much like the real thing!

Nosey in Newtown said...

Thanks for the links, m-h. I'll check them out.

My pigeon is more an artist's impression of a kereru, I think. He does have the same gorgeous pearly purple chest though. I heartily agree with you, Meredith, about the lack of decorative pigeons. Much maligned on all fronts, they are!

Karen said...

However there are many many many decorative Dachshunds, and I am stopped daily from buying them for you by Richard (not because he thinks you don't deserve them, of course).

The tea tin with the mint in it is masterful. Makes me wish I was still working for the home interiors magazine so I could publish it as a tip :-)

Nosey in Newtown said...

I knew Richard couldn't be trusted. He's turning you against me to deny me my God-given right to decorative dachshunds.

Dachshunds really are hot right now. But pigeons will also have their day.

Steven Noble said...

Cheers for the link love. Keep on keeping on.