Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Nosey finds a friend

Thanks to Lloyd for showing me Walk Sydney Streets, a site documenting 92-year-old Alan Waddell's mission to walk all the footpaths in Sydney. So far, he has walked every single street in more than 230 suburbs, and has taken great photos of local features such as letter boxes, fences and signs. He is a 92-year-old after my own heart.

Alan hasn't covered Newtown yet, but he's done Enmore, Erskineville and Eveleigh, and Camperdown is one of his works in progress. He's even documented a couple of the same things as me, such as the Francis Street mosaic hopscotch and the letter box on Wilson Street that likes junk mail. However, his commentary is far funnier than mine.

Actually, the letter box that likes junk mail doesn't anymore:

Maybe with all the publicity it was getting, the influx of junk mail was just too overwhelming.

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Sean Carmody said...

Sadly, Alan will not make it to Newtown as he passed away a couple of weeks ago.