Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday morning, blue sky

City of Sydney Councillor Marcelle Hoff has contacted me to say she received my letter and is all for doing something about the Three Proud People mural! O how I am giddy with power!

Actually, I now realise that I don't really know what the best path of action is. Part of me wants the exact same mural painted in the exact same place on the concrete wall, preferably by the exact same artist. I love its understated impact. But maybe this is an opportunity to do something more informative, with a memorial aspect to it. Anthony, who knows a lot about concrete sound barriers, suggested they could replace the concrete in the section blocking the mural with perspex, which would be cool, like a little window. But it sounds expensive, and wouldn't do anything to support new public art.

If anyone has any ideas, or knows someone who could be commissioned to do a new painting, or replicate the old one, please let me know! Also, if anyone has any idea who might have done the original mural, it would be great to find out.

It is such a lovely autumnal day today. Here are some sunny Sunday neighbourhood photos to celebrate.


Anonymous said...

congratulations on the mural progress, nosey!
x lucas

k-k-karen said...

A little late, but perhaps you could talk to Tugi at Mays for artist recs on someone who could replicate or adapt the mural.

I love your blog! It's great. It fills me with great delight for all that is newtown. Thankyou!