Saturday, May 5, 2007

Street craft

This has appeared on the fence beside the railway tracks near the Silo Apartments.

It is made with plastic cups, which have been painted and then stuck into the wire holes.

How cool is it! It appeals to my craft sensibilities, plus my fondness for the creative use of everyday items. I think it says Uprock. I don't know what that's all about. Maybe it's just an ingenious tag? If I discover Uprock is a brand name, and it was created by a marketing agency I will be very disappointed.

Some of the cups had fallen out, and I guess they all will soon, creating a bit of a litter problem. Maybe I should write a letter to the council about that.


brad said...

I believe Uprock was one of the precursors to breakdance. Ok, I googled that.
It seems to be used for band and album names every now and again.
I'd guess it's a newish local band. I'd also guess that they are more interested in appealing to the inhabitants of newtown, rather than the rest of the world - a fantastic advertising opportunity has been squandered, as thousands of commuters will only see the mirror image. That wouldn't be very bright for a marketing company...

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back, Nosey.


Justyna said...

Nosey, I trust you were being ironic about the council letter! If not, I hope your community spirit will lead you to pick up some of those cups yourself!

Nosey in Newtown said...

Of course I was Justyna! I'll make a point of picking the cups up just for you.

It's kind of odd that I should so love this impermanent mural while simultaneously being overwhelmed by nostalgia for the loss of the Three Proud People one. Oh well. Inconsistent as always.

Brad: Good point about the train perspective. I personally feel this street craft was created just for me, given its proximity to my daily stomping ground. So doesn't matter if no-one else sees it.

And thank you to the mysterious "L" for missing me, even if under duress. :)