Sunday, June 3, 2007

Cross breeds

Cherry and cheese pastizzi from the new Pastizzi Cafe on south King Street, near Alice Street (run by the same people who have the Maltese Cafe in Surry Hills).

Delicious, but they sit on the sweet-savoury fence, which is a little unnerving for someone who likes a clear delineation of such things. The pea ones are also great, and there are apple, chocolate and many more flavours which I will now need to try. You can buy a frozen dozen to take home for $10. (Thanks to Beth for the photo)

Another interesting (and photogenic) food from my weekend:

A brocciflower bought from Alfalfa House. Psychedelic. Can't report on taste yet.


Michael said...

1. Place broccoliflower on table.
2. Put Ravi Shankar's greatest hits on the record player.
3. Smoke 4 buddha sticks.
4. Wow! Check out the fractals in the vegetable, man!

Nosey in Newtown said...

Update: Brocciflower cooked whole with onion and garlic was taste sensation. Amazingly it tasted neither like broccoli nor cauliflower, but a perfectly balanced combination of the two. A miracle mutant.

est said...

My eyes swim across that brocciflower un-nervingly.

Karen said...

I thought that was some kind of ham puree and was grossed out. Then when I read it was cherry and cheese I was greatly relieved. Then when I realised you didn't mean cream cheese I was grossed out again.


suzysiu said...

I heard they are from the original maltese cafe on crown st (back in the day), but that one has changed hands twice since then.

Thanks, I must go visit. I am a big pastizzi fan.

Anonymous said...

At the pastizzi cafe, the best pastizzi are the ones just taken out the oven, of course. But if they're make the date pastries, have one. Or two. And they have good coffee there. Better than nearby Martini ( but then anywhere does, nastiest coffee in Newtown).

Jake said...

Oh wow Romanesco broccoli :)

Im so off to buy some!