Sunday, June 3, 2007

Loose ends

Little scruffy dog went home from the vet's all better. Thank you for the inquiries on his progress. You are all clearly Good Folk.

The Uprock cup tag has now appeared facing the train tracks near Macdonaldtown station, just as Brad suggested! The one near the Silos has pretty much disintegrated.

The Three Proud People mural was raised at the City of Sydney council meeting and the reproduction is being investigated by the public art curator.

In dramatic news from the noticeboard of the Starr-Bowkett Co-Operative Building Society, the monthly loans ballot couldn't take place due to computer failure. Ironically, this is the first time in the history of my observance of the noticeboard that the message has been typed and computer-printed. Suspicious.

No movement from the spooky Mad Max truck.


edd said...

hooray for little scruffy dog!!! was the "eternally grateful" thankyou forthcoming?

Nosey in Newtown said...

No, but us dog saviours don't do it for the glory. We do it for the karma.

Michael said...

So glad to hear the Scruffster is A.O.K.!

I miss dog ownership! If I am ever prosperous, I'm going to buy a Borzoi or two: absurdly aristocratic creatures, but delightful.

Or Bedlington Terriers or Briards! [I saw a woman in Prague with a B.T., and regret not asking if I could take a pic.]

My taste in dogs must lean towards the ridiculous.

est said...

I have seen both the UPROCK cup-fence tags since you mentioned them. They are both looking kind of worse for wear, but I think that they are a good idea. I just hope the cups are those bio-degradeable plastic ones!

I've also seen the Mad Max truck. In my opinion it looks like a bushfire brigade truck ( - see the first image). It's even got a tree on fire on the mudflaps! But it doesn't have any markings saying that it is a fire brigade truck. Perhaps a decomissioned one that is now being used to haul scrap for Ausscrap? I saw some scrap metal in the back of it.

Nosey in Newtown said...

Michael: I think you need an Afghan Hound to complete your collection of ridiculous high-fallutin' dogs. There is a puli who lives on Australia Street, which I always try to take pictures of, but he's so black he's kind of invisible.

Est: The scrap metal in the back of the Mad Max truck is some kind of pedal-powered device. It's been pulled apart while the truck has been parked there. I think you're right about the bushfire brigade connection though.

Anonymous said...

I know that puli!. I think he lives in an amazing house off Australia St. And I have the feeling his name is Marley. But this is just something I remember a friend who live a couple of doors down told me.