Monday, June 18, 2007

Not glum things

It was suggested to me that the blog has been a bit glum lately, what with the dog getting hit by a car, the passing away of the local shop-keeper and the umbrella massacre of June 2007. So, I offer you this indiscriminate collection of meaningless photos as light entertainment.

With the seasonal downturn in frozen desserts, Dolce & Gelato are now serving lasagne.

The inescapable thought of lasagne-flavoured gelato overwhelms me.

On Weekes Lane, something has gone terribly wrong with the tiles that hide under steps.

In Gould's Books, I find the one sign of any kind of method or organisation amidst the chaos of dust and disarray.

Outside the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre, Sue looks forward to her fourteenth year of being immortalised as a pooh.

In Alton Lane, someone plays with paint and with words.

And on Wilson Street, another pun is made on another defaced sign (pun intended).


Justyna said...

Love the sign! Tops photos nosey.

Karen said...

A delightful entry.

There is a gelato shop here with "Pizza" gelato. It is like neopolitan in appearance, but with a green, white and red stripe. I haven't been game to ask if it is actually pizza flavoured.

suzysiu said...

I wish that tile was about me, I love the cat pathway!, and the idea that the cars may be towed out to see pleases me ever since my friend pointed out that there was no reason not to park there.