Sunday, July 15, 2007

Electro Pop Saturdays

When Adam and Dave work in the Alfalfa House food co-op together on Saturdays, they serve customers to a soundtrack of hand-picked electro pop. This tradition became known, fittingly, as Electro Pop Saturdays, and represents just one of the many experiences you can have at the co-op that you can't have in the supermarket.

Yesterday, to commemorate what may be one of the last Electro Pop Saturdays (due to a rostering change), Adam and Dave brought big speakers into the shop, placed one near the chocolate shelf and the other near the egg cartons, and broadcast their electro pop favourites, while wearing co-ordinated, appropriate attire.

Note from the photo that they're still committed to customer service, despite the electro pop.

Adam and Dave live on an island in the Hawkesbury, so they had to transport the speakers over by boat. It leads to quite some image of the two of them on a river in their "street wear".

That's the kind of person I want selling me my groceries.


sair sair said...

The beauty of the Adam and Dave extraveganza will never be forgotten! I look forward to a greatest hits album!


Anonymous said...

These guys are the cutest shop assistants Ive seen in a long time. Come back, Come back...