Tuesday, July 3, 2007


You can find out the history of your street name on the Newtown Project site. Even the much maligned Raper Street is there, with further reference to a Raper House! Good God! But don't worry, it's all very innocent. However, I was really disappointed to discover that my most favourite Newtown street name, Turtle Lane, has nothing to do with turtles.

I think the best entry is the one for Liberty Street: "Local legend says its name arose from people diverting here to avoid the threepenny toll for users of Cooks River Road. The St Josephs church history tells an anecdote of a certain judge who 'took almost childish delight in avoiding payment' by driving through the pool that formed the boundary of the road".

Every time I go down Liberty Street now I think of that, and try to conjure up some internal childish delight while waiting to cross the road.


Anonymous said...

this is my idea of a good time. i used to know the history of a few of the streets in balmain, and i can tell you who the streets of sydney were named after, but alas, not for my new neighbourhood mosman.

but i promise to explain awaba's story by next boardgames night.

your concern for communal commentary is to be commended.


mischa said...

g'day hugh,

if memory serves, awaba means "water view" or something similar in a local aboriginal language.

the name of the street in mosman where i grew up, "kahibah", means prostitute in arabic, but i think that was unintentional.

but this should really be on the "moneyedinmosman" blog. sorry.

ps. is there really a boardgames night and can i invite myself?

Nosey said...

Hey Mischa

I thought I saw you on King Street on Friday night, but decided it must have been a mirage! Glad that you're back.

There is indeed a board games night. Email me at noseyinnewtown at gmail dot com and I'll send you the details.

Chooksta of 2042 said...

A poem by the Chooksta

On King Street there's a pub or two
we'll try to name them here
a place for nearly everyone
Heterosexual, Goth and Queer

There's the Marley and the Townie
Coopers Arms, St Peters Inn
The Botany View and Union
and the Sando to begin.

Play the pokies score a win or two
and place yourself some bets
Just a great place for a coldie
after working up a sweat

Lets not forget the Zanzibar
its full on just the same
In a previous life the Oxford
till some loser changed her name.

There be no excuse on King street
so just grab yourself a beer
and buy me one for later
cause I'm almost finished here.

Yesterday, there was the Newtown
and it was the place for pinks
but the owners reneged on the lease
then the lease-ee chucked a stink.

Finally there's the Bank Hotel
With its place above the tracks
a cockroach ridden hellhole
where the bouncers dress in black

So the ambers flowing plenty
and the vino's cold and pure
Bourbon, Scotch and Vodka
with Panadol the cure.