Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Nosey vs Wall: Update

The campaign to have the Three Proud People mural reproduced on the Macdonaldtown sound barrier takes another step forward as people in hard hats investigate the site of the contentious wall and look concerned.

The City of Sydney sent through this photographic evidence that movement is afoot! I think that hard-hatted man in the middle is thinking, "I wonder, if we just knock down the wall right here...".

I will keep you posted on further progress.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for following this up Nosey in Newtown! As someone who catches a train past Macdonaldtown station each day, its very sad to not have that beautiful image flashing past. Such a shame that slabs of large soul-less concrete have taken the place of trees and streets and community.

Drew said...

Great news Nosey - goes to show you the power of one letter!

Nathan said...

I love the fact, Nosey, that the wonderful council folk saw fit to send you photographic evidence! Does that speak of their forward-thinking and technological aptitude, or of the regard in which they regard you and your community reporting?

roadshowlala said...

I've just discovered your fabulous blog!

I agree with you that this image should be recreated on the wall. I think about it every time I catch the train