Sunday, July 1, 2007

One for the suckers

A bunch of SCA students were "busking" on King Street this evening by creating a painting in public. One of the artists was trying to fund a trip to Amsterdam.

The finished painting was quite impressive and very, very large.

Apparently they were just going to take it home and hang it on their wall (although they did offer for me to buy it), which means it was a win-win day for the artists: paid to do a painting they then get to keep. I think it was an inspired idea, and it made me happy. Not as happy as the piano accordion-playing girl makes me, but still it ranks high on my list of favourite Newtown busking exploits.

The Inca's Restaurant on Enmore Road is also appealing for your support. And it's not for a small business award, like every other shop and restaurant in town. No, these guys want your vote for Machu Picchu in the poll for the New 7 Wonders of the World. What selfless Peruvian pride! The site tells me that Machu Picchu is a symbol of "community and dedication", which seems fitting. Lovers of Newtown, and Peruvian cuisine, should register their votes now.

And there's one final appeal begging for your attention. Meet Shorty, the Cat of the Month at the Enmore Cat Protection Society.

According to the sign in the window, Shorty has been in the Society's cattery for seven months now, the longest resident of any of the cats: "He has watched many of his feline friends come and go during this time, patiently waiting for his turn. Perhaps wondering 'Why not me? Have I done something wrong? Am I not pretty enough? Am I too outspoken?'". Apparently he has become "quite jaded" by all the rejection. The sign concludes, "If you have a soft spot for bad boys with hearts of gold, this is the man for you. Get Shorty." Poor Shorty! If only he could paint his way to Holland.

If you'd like to save Shorty from God knows how many more months of rejection, poor self esteem and, worst of all, a country-and-western career, please contact the Cat Protection Society.


suzysiu said...

The food is really good at Inca's, and the Cat protection society has fantastic writers.

Nosey said...

I've never actually eaten there. I went in there once and was told by the very honest and lovely staff that although they had spare tables they were quite busy and the wait for food would probably be too long for us to warrant sitting down.

I shall make a note to try it out.