Tuesday, August 7, 2007

In shop windows

In Deli On King:

Poor little sleeveless ducks.

In a pawn shop on Enmore Road:

If I was in the market to have my face massaged or steamed, I would definitely shop here. It's delux!

Speaking of saunas, the Marie-Louise Hair Salon has turned into one. It has been closed for quite some time now and the condensation is ruining her fabulous photos in the display windows in the most grotesque way.

Look what has happened to her portrait of the Queen:

And Tim Rogers is all mouldy:

What the salon must look like inside doesn't bear thinking about. I hope the family illness is overcome soon.


Miss Wired said...

They were cleaning the place out with bleach the other day. Can't tell you which day... but *a* day... recently...

Nosey in Newtown said...

Yes, the windows seem to have been tidied. But it's still closed. :(