Thursday, August 2, 2007

Return to sender

Nosey Neighbour Penelope received this hand-delivered note in her letterbox:

Emo junk mail! I wonder if it is the work of the same 'Aspire' who stuck this up on Phillip Street:

I think the letterbox is an under-utilised realm of mystery and wonder. Back in 2005, Carl of Caveat, Information Provider, repeatedly delivered his business card to my Enmore letter box:

I sadly never had need to contact Carl regarding the Fifth Reich or to order more Judas Cards from the office, but I loved his "secret communications" (essential in war, by the way).

Whenever I stealthily and lurkily deliver a Nosey Calling Card, I do think of Carl of Caveat and our unlikely similarities: we're both Information Providers, him Being Against Nazis, me Being For Noseyness.


Karen said...

this post made me laugh almost as much as this one:

Pen said...

Ooh another 'aspire' related mystery! Fun! :)

grocer said...

I am so glad to have seen this post.

we have an aspire freak in our building (not quite newtown - alexandria, opposite the technology park).

our most recent "aspiriation" was taped to the front door of the building.

does anyone know who these people are and why their grammar is so terrible?

Anonymous said...

Some more Carl for your enjoyment:

Anonymous said...

I used to get the crazy paranoia business cards! I kept on in my wallet for years! Ahh, Erskineville, I miss you.

Katharine said...

I know this is an old post, but I just did a google search on Carl as I found one of his cards while sorting through a box. I actually met him a few times - he used to come into the shop I was working in at Balmain. Always wondered what happened to him!