Saturday, November 24, 2007

Election Day

At Pigeon Ground on Salisbury Road:

On Wilson Street:

An enterprising house near the polling booth on Australia Street:

At the Neighbourhood Centre markets:

Outside The Hub:

And finally, in lieu of any political commentary, a stencil on Phillip Street. I have been walking past it often in the past few weeks, and each time it makes my spine tingle:

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Life imitates art

On Gladstone street, home renovators Jon and Gabby try to reason with the natives:

Too late:

Of all the graffiti to have painted on your house, that one's gotta be up there as possibly the most simultaneously laughable and horrifying!

The "Homo" tagger has been quite prolific in the area. I believe he is the actual non-ironic incarnation of Jonah from Summer Heights High. Check out the uncanny similarity of their high-brow handiwork:

I particularly like the effort he's gone to create the "Gate Homo" sign.

And here's his fictional counterpart, Jonah:

I'm sure Jon and Gabby, in their Homo House, find this totally hilarious.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Newtown Festival Dog Show

Warning: This post consists entirely of photos of dogs, including dogs wearing silly outfits.

The Open Doggie Dash. Chaos! Sideways-running dogs! Greyhounds not taking it seriously!

Toshi, the fastest dog in Newtown with the proudest dog-owners in Newtown.

The Celebrity Look-Alike category was contested by Princess Leia and Jack Sparrow. Leia proved triumphant. She was actually quite convincing.

This guy won the Dog Most Easily Transformed Into A Mountain Goat category.

Some dogs were there just to make other dogs look bad.

Or to enjoy their fifteen minutes of fame.

But Best In Show deservedly went to Boris, who managed to remain cute even while doing a poo in front of the judges.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Raining cats and dogs

On Wilson Street:

And in the Cat Protection Society window, more freaking awesome cats:

Around the corner on Phillip Street, Bruno - half dog, half rabbit - plans his escape:

And on the Gladstone Street stencil wall, a different kind of dog art:

Monday, November 5, 2007

Down by the schoolyard

The Erko Bezerko is a very cool name for school fete. I probably wouldn't have gone if it was just called plain old Erskineville Public School Fete, but I'm really glad I did, because there were some great signs, and regular readers will know what a sucker I am for great signs.

This one presented a difficult choice:

And this one won my heart for featuring 'small' in small font and 'large' in large font:

The aforementioned devonshire tea was really sweet. They had done an extremely convincing job in turning a classroom into a tea-house, complete with table settings:

Sugar cubes!

But the highlight for me was this guy, dressed entirely in recycled materials, including a fetching pair of pants made from one of those horrible cheap bags, identical to the one I put my laundry in.

The little boy had asked if he could have a drink from his 7-Up shoe. The lids unscrewed and everything.

On the subject of public events, the Newtown Festival is on again this Sunday. Although its name this year - the questionable 'Dreamfest' - doesn't quite match up to Erko Bezerko, and even though it unfortunately clashes with the Walk Against Warming, absolutely nothing can hold me back from an event offering a small, medium, large and open Doggie Dash.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Paving smorgasboard

In Sydney Park they have paved a path with sections of all the different footpath options for the park renovations, just like when you paint different colour patches on your wall to test them out (but this would have been a lot more effort):

I ran up and down it a few times to get a feel for my preference. I can't actually find anywhere a request for my feedback, but I feel involved now, which is all I ask for.