Monday, November 5, 2007

Down by the schoolyard

The Erko Bezerko is a very cool name for school fete. I probably wouldn't have gone if it was just called plain old Erskineville Public School Fete, but I'm really glad I did, because there were some great signs, and regular readers will know what a sucker I am for great signs.

This one presented a difficult choice:

And this one won my heart for featuring 'small' in small font and 'large' in large font:

The aforementioned devonshire tea was really sweet. They had done an extremely convincing job in turning a classroom into a tea-house, complete with table settings:

Sugar cubes!

But the highlight for me was this guy, dressed entirely in recycled materials, including a fetching pair of pants made from one of those horrible cheap bags, identical to the one I put my laundry in.

The little boy had asked if he could have a drink from his 7-Up shoe. The lids unscrewed and everything.

On the subject of public events, the Newtown Festival is on again this Sunday. Although its name this year - the questionable 'Dreamfest' - doesn't quite match up to Erko Bezerko, and even though it unfortunately clashes with the Walk Against Warming, absolutely nothing can hold me back from an event offering a small, medium, large and open Doggie Dash.


justyna said...

The name should now be adopted and applied generally to the suburb, i.e. "Where do you live", "In Erko Bezerko". Excellent.

edd said...

i too am very much eagerly anticipating the doggie-dashes, in addition to the "quirkiest characteristic" category. have contemplated entering buster for a dash, but unless the race is dowhill so he can retract his little legs and roll down like the rotund barrel that he is, i don't think he's got any chance of winning!

Nosey said...

Agreed Justyna. I also think Newtown should be referred to as "Newters" wherever possible.

Edd: Maybe Buster could enter "most disadvantaged" because of the challenges he faces in life due to being a barrel.

leetranlam said...

The recycled shoes (with the unscrewable caps) are genius!
I think Recycled Man lives up to the Beserko title. And he looks a lot classier than Jeannie Little in her Chux superwipes.