Saturday, November 24, 2007

Election Day

At Pigeon Ground on Salisbury Road:

On Wilson Street:

An enterprising house near the polling booth on Australia Street:

At the Neighbourhood Centre markets:

Outside The Hub:

And finally, in lieu of any political commentary, a stencil on Phillip Street. I have been walking past it often in the past few weeks, and each time it makes my spine tingle:


beth said...

Tingles indeed! I had a little blubber when Maxine spoke too. I want her for PM real bad!

mischa said...

i love the t-shirt!

leetranlam said...

What a great round-up, much more eloquent than half the political commentary mafia in Australia. The Pigeon Ground pic of Howard is strangely beautiful. On a similar note, I read in the paper today that on the Sunday following the election, Gleebooks Secondhand had an empty display window save for a battered copy of 'Howard's End'.

Leefe said...

I'd love to see you upload these photos to flickr and add them to the Federal Election '07 flickr group. It has about 470 photos from different parts of Australia taken pre, during and post election.