Sunday, November 18, 2007

Life imitates art

On Gladstone street, home renovators Jon and Gabby try to reason with the natives:

Too late:

Of all the graffiti to have painted on your house, that one's gotta be up there as possibly the most simultaneously laughable and horrifying!

The "Homo" tagger has been quite prolific in the area. I believe he is the actual non-ironic incarnation of Jonah from Summer Heights High. Check out the uncanny similarity of their high-brow handiwork:

I particularly like the effort he's gone to create the "Gate Homo" sign.

And here's his fictional counterpart, Jonah:

I'm sure Jon and Gabby, in their Homo House, find this totally hilarious.


Michael said...

Ah, the good old cock-scrotum-balls pictogram!

It's universal. I saw it in a Kota Kinabaluan toilet this afternoon, accompanied by details of what its author would do to you if you were so kind as to call ...

Dezza said...

The cock and balls is a classic but i think the addition of the bum hole makes this work unique. perhaps jon and gab could send chris lilley the bill for the clean up.

AndrewD said...

They should make their wall available now - does it really matter