Sunday, November 11, 2007

Newtown Festival Dog Show

Warning: This post consists entirely of photos of dogs, including dogs wearing silly outfits.

The Open Doggie Dash. Chaos! Sideways-running dogs! Greyhounds not taking it seriously!

Toshi, the fastest dog in Newtown with the proudest dog-owners in Newtown.

The Celebrity Look-Alike category was contested by Princess Leia and Jack Sparrow. Leia proved triumphant. She was actually quite convincing.

This guy won the Dog Most Easily Transformed Into A Mountain Goat category.

Some dogs were there just to make other dogs look bad.

Or to enjoy their fifteen minutes of fame.

But Best In Show deservedly went to Boris, who managed to remain cute even while doing a poo in front of the judges.


edd said...

I wonder if Lily - most disadvantaged - found a home by the end of the day...Buster's usual morning walk today was spent foraging for left-overs in the park. He scored a slice of sponge cake that he quickly scoffed down -nice!

justyna said...

Mountain goat dog = brilliant.

leetranlam said...

The Boris incident reminds me of that dog show episode of Sex & The City, where Charlotte's dog 'Elizabeth Taylor', well, you know.... They both still win, there's a moral in that!