Saturday, December 22, 2007

More Christmas noseyness

A perfectly good Christmas tree, abandoned on Swanson Lane:

And a camouflaged reindeer is spotted nearby on George Street:

You might have to look closer to see it:

And you'll have to look very closely to see this, surely Newtown's smallest wreath:

At the opposite end of the spectrum is Pleasant Avenue in Erskineville, where most of the residents have gone the whole hog with their decorations:

Irene and Oscar have even had a Pleasant Avenue sign professionally made:

The owner of this house was out the front when I was there so I was able to congratulate her personally on this extreme Seasonal makeover:

I love it!

There's also a house which has taken an environmentally-friendly approach to Christmas lights:

Passers-by can light up the sign by having a go of this home-made bucket contraption:

Ingenious! Plus it makes all their neighbours look bad! A clear winner for Pleasant Avenue.

And on the subject of winners, I award the best shop window display to All Buttons Great And Small for managing to make buttons tie in with Christmas giving:

And one final festive winner: the 370 bus, which came first in the bus decorating competition judged last week by Sophie Delezio.

Photo from the STA site

"The Glebe" newspaper chose to feature the story on its front page with the headline "The good old 370 is Sophie's choice". Yes, I imagine choosing the winner from all those decorated buses was just like Sophie's Choice. And since when is the much-maligned bus route (see The Universe Would Cease To Exist if the 370 Bus Arrived On Time) the "good old 370"? All that tinsel must have gone to their head.


M-H said...

The button shop has absolutely The Best Windows. And maybe it's the 'good old' 370 because it follows one of the original old tram routes? It's one of the few Sydney buses that doesn't do into the city, just from Leichhardt across the suburbs. I value it for that alone. There's another one (445) that goes from the Balmain ferry wharf across to Canterbury - that follows an old tram route too.

Nosey in Newtown said...

I have very complicated feelings about the 370. It's without a doubt the most unreliable bus imaginable, but it's also one of the best routes around, linking Newtown to Coogee, UNSW, Glebe and Leichhardt. So you're probably right, we should give it a bit of slack and just enjoy the ride. :)

Newtown Girl said...

Dear Nosey,
I think the 370 might lose out to the 352 in terms of looks good on paper (its very non-committal timetable), is a drag to use. It promises so much (King St, Cleveland St, Crown St, Oxford St), yet never arrives when it says it will, stops at 7pm on weeknights, and altogether on the weekend.
Incidentally, the King St Christmas lights completely disoriented me; for a while, I thought Newtown was attempting to be Little Italy with the red, green and white. Then the penny dropped...

Nosey in Newtown said...

Ah, the 352. For a year or so this bus took me practically door-to-door from my house just off Alice Street to my work just off Cleveland. It was when the route was first introduced and I was always the only person on the bus for the entire trip. It was eery, and fantastic. I considered it my own personal limousine service. But I also lived in constant fear that it would be canceled due to lack of patronage.

I think a post on bus routes is in order. I never thought anyone was as interested in them as I am!

Karen said...

I am interested in all three routes mentioned above. Despite not even living in Australia any more.

casso said...

I think I need to live in Pleasant Avenue, what festive joy it offers all. The personalised sign is spectacular, but also somehow less personal by having been done profesionally - a bit out of sorts with the normal Newtown fare we enjoy regularly on your blog.

Cheers, Cass (long time reader, first time commenter)

Nosey in Newtown said...

Thanks Casso. I should point out that Irene and Oscar also had some very cool hand-made signposts pointing to the North Pole which I didn't photograph, so they were definitely in the right spirit.

newtown lover said...

my flatmate used to say with an air of mystery

"who knows where the 370 really goes...?"

edd said...

so i decide to catch the 370 on boxing day, show up 10 mins late, cool as a cucumber - thinking "it's always late - even nosey told me so"...had to wait 20 mins for the next one to show up - exactly on time! perhaps some strange boxing day time warp...

derek said...

Jane reckons the people in pleasant avenue are always having street parties, pie baking contests etc. On the basis of your pics they are clearly a bunch of smug out-do the neighbours types. I hate them all. Bah humbug!

Nosey in Newtown said...

Edd: This is part of the unreliability of the "good old 370" - it's not even reliably late.

Derek: I love Pleasant Avenue. I want a pie-baking contest! I want a street party! I think you're just insecure in your pie-baking skills. And jealous.

Isn't Pleasant Avenue just the perfect name for such a street?