Monday, December 3, 2007

Reading, Writing and 'Rithmetic

On Phillip Street:

On Charles Street:

And on the @Newtown mural:

And on the subject of reading, nosey book-lovers should check out the Better Read Than Dead website where you can find profiles on staff members. My favourite is Jane, who "came to BRTD through a convoluted swap with a bookstore on Sydney's leafy north shore. We sent them two old bookcases and a carton of used paperbacks."


leetranlam said...

That @Newtown mural is cool. Take that, Google Maps!
And the 'Write Your Name In Concrete' reminds me of that story about Michael's wedding proposal.
Have you been to the new Better Read? I wonder what will happen to that currently unused space between the shop and the cinema (where all the arty coffee books you wish you could afford were).

Leefe said...

I have a shot of most of the @Newtown mural on flickr. Come to think of it, the Newtown flickr group would probably like to see your photos.

leetranlam: While there was still a hole in the wall of Better Read I saw people on the other side working on what looked to be another shop. But there doesn't appear to be anything there yet.