Sunday, January 20, 2008

Snap: Part 2

I took to the streets around Collyer Playground again this weekend, armed with photos of the houses on the mural, and a renewed confidence in my powers of observation, thanks to readers' comments last week.

I'm prepared to call these matches definite:

Snap x 3!

Now I better start looking for the houses depicted in this mural on Clara Street:


mischa said...

excellent work, nosey!

Wendy said...

Interesting stuff Nosey. I am one of your neighbours too.

dean said...

hi, just came across your blog, its brilliant! youve made my day, and im really homesick as im in europe and had to leave newtown

Lisa said...

Hi Nosey,

I lived on Dickson Street until recently (i.e. there's no way we could afford to actually buy in our chosen area), but I seem to recall there's a few houses in Dickson and Holmwood Streets that resemble the second last picture in your original post. Maybe check out those streets, towards the ends closest to Collyer Park?