Sunday, January 13, 2008


Collyer Playground, on the corner of Wells and Pearl Streets, is surrounded by a fading mural of houses. I think the houses depicted are located nearby because of this one:

The fern has grown, but I reckon it's got to be the same place.

I have long tried to match up the other houses, and there are some which are similar, but not convincing, especially given the aging process and renovations:

Well, I tried.

I so badly want to find all the matching pairs! Here's the rest of the mural, published in the hope that someone in the neighbourhood might be able to help me out.

At the very least, I am glad to have a record of the mural before it fades away or is painted over. I always regret not documenting something once it's gone.


ErkoPaul said...

Nosey Rocks !! )

beth said...

Indeed, Nosey rocks! What's the state of that park now? Last time I looked it was all rubble.

mischa said...

once again you dazzle me with your observational prowess, and your matching work is top notch under such difficult conditions. rereading that sentence, it sounds like i'm taking the piss, but i'm not.

blinddog said...

My daughters use to go to the chool down th eroad (Camdenville public). And while it we saw the mural never noticed they are the houses in the area. Great work and more stuff like this needs to be documented or lost forever.

Anonymous said...

Hi, the last photo of the large detatched house looks to me like the Athena School building on Albermarle Street. What do you reckon? Jo

Nosey said...

Hey Beth. The playground has been redone and some trees removed. I much preferred it how it was before, but it's better than it was when it was rubble! This park always reminds me of that time you rediscovered the wonders of the swing.

Jo: Thanks for the tip off - I'll have to check it out!

andrew said...

Its really quite extraordinary... Somehow kind of reminds me of the murals in Pompeii .. Already you get this sense of a civilisation that is past ... Peaked in the year 2000 CE -- and then vanished shortly afterward (possibly due to dwindling water supplies) !