Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sofa so good

The remote controls which have been turning up on footpaths for the past six months were recently complemented by the appearance on Gladstone Street of a matching TV, also the work of the wonderful Will Coles.

And then, piece de resistance, a couch appeared to complete the scene:

There's even a wall socket nearby:

When I was taking these photos, a passer by stopped to do the same with her camera-phone and we shared one of those isn't-this-a-great-place moments. Isn't it just?

This little episode of self-satisfied pride marks the first anniversary of Nosey in Newtown. It's been a great year. Every time I think I've run out of things to nosey, something will always turn up around the next corner, which is what I love about living here. Thanks to everyone who comments and sends emails - you're what I love about living here the most.

So happy birthday to Nosey, and to R.Tues on Mary Street too:

Postscript: Apparently the TV has now been smashed. Sob.


Sydney Body Art Ride said...

Happy Birthday Nosey!
I was thinking of you when I took this photo today:
I wonder who Doug is? And what did he do?

Nosey in Newtown said...

Thanks! Funnily enough I was tossing up including a photo of that exact same sign in this very post! I really do love public communication via signs.

I imagine that Piglet and Nugget are doing just fine now, because surely Doug isn't worth worrying about and the Carlisle heals all wounds.

beth said...

Yes, Happy Birthday Nosey! And shame on the TV smasher...they should be smashing real TVs instead!

angusf said...

Congrats Nosey. Now you are One! Thanks for a years worth of interesting posts. Though I don't live in Newtown at the moment I can say I'll be back. And it's nice to keep in touch in the meantime.

casso said...

Happy birthday Nosey! Thanks for the tears, the love, the grafitti and general love of life that comes from being in the Newtown area.

Grace said...

Thanks for posting a pic of my work! Unfortunately my glue making skills arn't so sharp, thankfully SMC[3] has offered to teach me. Also, stay tuned for a sweet collaboration between myself and Will that we've been talking about for months.

Happy Birthday Nosey! Good luck, see you in Newtown,

X Dirigible

Nosey said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.