Sunday, March 2, 2008

Number challenged

This one house features its street number no less than four times:

Maybe they had some problems getting their mail.

This block of flats on Enmore Road definitely does have problems getting their mail.

I used to live at 1/86, whose letterbox confusingly isn't even featured amongst these, and would get letters for pretty much every one of these street numbers daily. Poor postman.

In other postal challenges, sometimes street numbers, like chameleons, change colour to match their surroundings:

And sometimes they just give up:

This one never even had a chance. It was screwed into "place" like this:

That 6 just wants to be a 9 so bad...

The people at number 16 should look to the fine folk at number 100, who had to carefully line up not only a three-digit number, but an arrow through it too:

And finally, there are the numbers that go above and beyond. I personally think nothing complements a house number like a Mexican scene:

Except maybe a flamingo or two:

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Anonymous said...

That first 6 is stolen from a servo....