Friday, May 23, 2008


I'm morbidly fascinated by the new bus shelter advertisements at Newtown Bridge which show the location of all Newtown accidents since 2002 involving pedestrians. I find myself thinking of an intersection's particular "score" as I go to cross the road ("Ooh, this one was an eight!'). At the pedestrian crossing, of course.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Please help yourself

Thank you to everyone who's been emailing me and asking when I'll update the blog. I've been terribly slack at noseyness of late. I offer you these flowers, seen on Wilson Street, as an apology:

I'm not only impressed by the concept, but also how they've fashioned the makeshift vase.

Thanks also to Miss Wired, who sent me this article about blogs that report on sightings of local eccentrics. In a parallel universe, where I have more time, I would love to do something like this in honour of the "ease the squeeze" accordion-playing girl, who I have a massive crush on. I saw her once, sans accordion, while she was waiting to cross at the lights, like she was just a normal person, and desperately wanted to tell her how she was my Number One favourite busker, but I became all coy and strange, like I was in the presence of a celebrity.

Other obvious contenders would be the guy with the customised electric wheelchair which blasts out heinous thrash punk, wobbly old Dave who used to have the little dog, the purple pierced lady, Antony Green... Okay, maybe not Antony Green. But seeing him on the train tickles me pink. Those electoral facts and figures do make me swoon.