Sunday, June 22, 2008

Now you see it...

What's wrong with this picture of Gladstone Street:

Does it seem a bit barren? Like something is missing? Like, maybe, the spooky Mad Max truck which has been parked there for a year? It had become so much an immutable part of the landscape that it seems odd that such a monolith could have moved at all. Especially since all of its many, giant, spooky tires were completely flat. Obviously it was needed somewhere. Like perhaps the Apocalypse.

Walk another fifty metres down the street, and something else is missing:

Will Coles' "Numb" television has disappeared. Did you reclaim it, Will?

Or maybe all these disappearances have something to do with aliens. This alien in particular:

Co-incidence that he's turned up in the Trafalgar Street Piss Tunnel at the same time things have been mysteriously vanishing? I think not.

As compensation for things not being where you expect them, other items are turning up where you don't.

King Street:

St John's College, Missenden Road:

Fowler Street:

Obviously this now also claims the crown as Best Ever Letterbox.


Will said...

Sorry but someone smashed the last of the concrete TVs (& left the rubble in a suitcase on the spot!)I may try a& make an even more indestructible one soon. Check the telegraph poles though, concrete mobiles have started appearing on them...!


M-H said...

The sock may be a manifestation of knitted graffiti (google for details). This is a movement that started in Canada. Or it may just be an old odd sock stuck on a fence.

Anonymous said...


veronica darling said...

I drove past Gladstone corner on Saturday and a lady was scraping off the posters, perhaps she took the tv set too?

Anonymous said...

Go to Fotheringham st in Enmore, just a stroll down from the 7-11 on Stanmore Rd, and you will find a numb tv on the front porch of one of the houses

Mark Cohen said...

that sock is the Virgin Mary with her left hand holding her head ;)

Anonymous said...

Do you have a great graffiti page? Only recently painted over on the corner of Belmore Lane and Cambridge Street Enmore "Always question authority" to which some wag had added "is that an order?"

Bics said...

The VCR mailbox is mine!! woo! Thanks for putting it up, Its falling apart now unfortunately but i'll try and fix it up.