Monday, June 9, 2008

Sweet sweet room available

"Sweet sweet room available for you and your sweet sweet ass, and it's only 70 bux a week. You would have to be a psycho not to take it! Are YOU a psycho?"

I reckon this place would be perfect for that freaking awesome cat from a while back.


karen said...

I saw (and took a photo of) the exact same sign! What's with the monkey? is he meant to be the one looking for the sweet ass?

suzysiu said...

I love the posters on the street, it's my favourite thing about the area. I am always stopping to read them, and I enjoyed when I had to poster regularly. However I am glad I don't live in a sharehouse - it's very competitive creatively in attracting people to live with you!!

hannah said...


I live there now!

Does that make me a Psycho?