Saturday, June 7, 2008

Twenty-four hours, two roofs, nine pigeons

Ferndale Street

Gladstone Street


mischa said...

wow! those pigeons are so evenly spaced!

Joal said...

I love that roof.

But i've never actually been into Cydonia...can you go in?

Nosey in Newtown said...

Mischa: I know! Pigeons are clever like that.

Joal: I've never been in there either. I guess you can't really go in unless you have reason to order a giant glass thing. I love it when their little dog perches atop the roof and barks at the people in his dominion down below.

Anonymous said...

i work at cydonia and its a sick studio and rooftop. next to that tower sculpture is a gnarly glass coffin. and if you want to go in you can only go in the showroom/office becuase we dont want anyone knowing the secrets as other glass buisness have skeemed from us....the dogs name is izzy