Sunday, August 10, 2008

I need never leave the house again

The colder months are not very conducive to being nosey. The icy winds don't lend themselves to lingering or ambling. So I've been enjoying noseyness from the comfort of my own home, thanks to Google Maps Street View.

You can glide down almost every street in Newtown, getting a funny little thrill from seeing on the screen all the stuff that you can walk outside and see for yourself. And the stuff you wouldn't see unless you were there at that precise moment:

It's an amazing snapshot of time. I'm always struck by how, when a shop or cafe changes hands on King Street, I can never remember what was there before, so I will appreciate the aide-memoire. It's also a handy historical record. Behold the second Mad Max truck, now gone, but immortalised:

And while I appreciate being able to explore the neighbourhood while perched in front of the heater, the sunny skies and be-shorted pedestrians have only made me yearn more for Summer.


Sophie said...

I love it how everything looks so much cooler through Street View than it does in real life...

Anonymous said...

My road must have been photographed during council clean-up day, the place looks like a slum area! Hehehehe!


quirkyartist said...

I too am longing for the warmer weather. Seems incredible that I sat in Camperdown Memorial Park drawing. Maybe you'll see me there next summer. Say hello if you do.