Friday, September 26, 2008

Art On The Street: Week one

I've been enjoying the fruits of 2042: Art of the Street very much indeed.

It's up in the sky:

It's right down low:

It's silly:

And beautiful:

And where you least expect it:

There is so much of it that I'm even beginning to see art where it isn't. Like in the window of Newtown Variety:

Or I will see something out of the corner of my eye, and excitedly rush over to investigate. Only to find that it's some melted gelato:

Melted gelato art.

But if you head down to Alice Lane, you can see some real art on the street any time of the year:

And it holds up the fence too.


Sean Carmody said...

You need to get a pic up of the giant ants eating the car outside the scooter garage!

Tegan said...

Wow, there sure is a diverse range out there. My favourite out of these would have to be the ACME box! It's creative and unique.

Sean Carmody said...

Being a local, I went for a walk along King St today with my five year old, who took pictures of the artworks that tickled his fancy, including the ants.

Sean Carmody said...

Me again! Your post has inspired my own.

Sydney Body Art Ride said...

Hey Nin,
You need to go to Pine St, I know it's outside Newtown but lots of the Artists whose works appear in your pages are exhibiting down there at the moment.

joeboy said...

I found a great one with golf clubs slung from a tree in Camperdown Rest Park (strange fruit indeed!) I have pictures if you're interested. And thanks for solving the remote control sculptures. I've been puzzling over them for weeks!

Ms Unreliable said...

I LOVE the one with balloons, although when I went past on the weekend, it was balloonless. Still beautiful though!

Alex said...

I froze for one second because my families had that exact painting in our living room for over 15 years!

Lonur said...

Hey! I've got quite a few Newtown Street Art shots here:

Hey, I love the blog; Unfortunately I've moved out of Sydney, but I go back as often as possible.