Sunday, October 12, 2008

Art On The Street: Week two

Better late than never, more of my favourites from 2042: Art On The Street.

I had walked past the video installation in the window of Fantasy Futon a few times without paying it much attention (I have an undoubtedly unfair prejudice against this art form). It turned out to be amazing: a musical composition inspired by King Street traffic, with each colour car representing a different note, and each lane a musical instrument.

The result was a spooky kind of ethereal soundtrack to visuals of a dreary trip through Newtown, seen from behind windscreen wipers.

Other artworks tried to escape from their confines:

Or tried to hide:

Or changed the streetscape:

There was art that wasn't supposed to be there, but which seemed to want to join in on the fun:

But I think my favourite was the art contributed by passers by to the Lost and Found tree:

Best four-legged flamingo ever.


leetranlam said...

Is the tree near Australia St/Wedgetail? Will have to totter over for a closer look at all the ornate messages and tags.

Nosey in Newtown said...

It was indeed, but long gone now, I'm afraid.

Ms Unreliable said...

Great post, I noticed on the weekend that Will Cole's 'numb' already has a bit of graffiti, so it's right at home :D