Sunday, October 26, 2008

Horsing around

Thanks to Tara for pointing me in the direction of the "Stables" Art & About project which has been going on in Erskineville for the past couple of weeks and which celebrates the apparently rich history of horses in the area.

It could possibly be the most awesome community art project ever. In August, almost eight hundred residents of Erskineville discovered in their letterboxes and on their doorsteps a ball of clay and instructions on how to make a small model horse. The horses were then collected, fired and put on display in the shop windows on Erskineville.

These photos represent a mere smidgen of what is there:

Needless to say, I am extremely jealous that I didn't get to make a horse, and extremely impressed by the execution of the logistics of it all. And it looks like there was only one horse-napping:


Karen said...

So lovely!

Bored-in-Basel said...

what a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Our friend got to make one and there was apparently alot of weight put in to what shop front you got. ie she wanted hers to be in the chemist but got shoved into the chinese takeaway!

veronica darling said...

I just love them too! I wish I lived in Erko now, but still love Newtown xoxoxoxo

Hey Nosey, have you been down to Wilford St/Gladstone St cross roads place where the stencil wall has been 'white'washed??? It's amazing... totally red with some growing bits

we saw it last week with just the 'summer' on it... and today a little boy's been layered over the top.


Nellie said...

As a pony fancier in Newtown, this made me wish I lived in Erko! What a fantastic idea. The real horses were lovely too.