Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas or Xmas

'Tis the season to pay another visit to Pleasant Avenue, and once more, the aptly-named street does not disappoint. Even the dogs are festive:

One house has turned their home into a hearth:

Complete with shoes drying by the cellophane fire:

But this year's prize for Turning It Up A Notch goes to the residents who have sacrificed all their natural light to transform their house into a giant silver-wrapped present:

Or this could actually be the world's best disguise for a large-scale hydroponic marijuana operation. And goodness me, on Pleasant Avenue of all places.

I was interested to see what the carbon-neutral house would do this year, but there was not even any environmentally-friendly tinsel on display. Maybe next year they should borrow this sign from the house on Longdown Street:

Other home-made favourites include this understated effort on Alice Street:

And a Halloween-inspired display on Munni Street:

A valiant effort to turn some trellises in a park on George Street into Christmas trees results in them kind of looking like medieval instruments of torture:

And also on George Street, the house next door to this:

Decides to go with this:

Is that the traditional Christmas skull-and-crossbones or the famous Christmas octopus?

On Clara Street, evidence of the start of the traditional Christmas arguing season:

Leaving me feeling a bit like this:

But in the words of Oliver of Pleasant Avenue, Merry Christmas or Xmas to you all. Here's to more noseyness in 2009.


casso said...

Pleasant Avenue never fails to provide does it? :o)

Thanks for the nosiness of 2008 - looking forward to more poking and prodding of the locale in 2009.

Will said...

Happy New Year Nosey, keep up the good work in '09.


Reii said...

You should see the one on George St at night, BLINDING!

ana_au said...

Thankyou for this lovely site NIN. And that Halloween inspired display reminds me of the year-round Halloween-Christmas fusion on the window of a flat on Wilson Street, aka Evil Snowman House...

Sez said...

Ah! This just made me smile.

Thanks Nosey!

Scarlette Rose Fairy said...

Great blog, just found it searching for street art!

grrl+dog said...

so cool to see these images wen I have walked past them.

My fave is the I am sorry wall art. That has total pathos.

WendyMHN said...

I like the "eek" series of Wall Art. Now I can't remember the streets ... um around Camden Street and that one that runs parallel to King Street near the Abbey hostel.