Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Stop >> Play

I have been pondering the new garden, grass "bean bags" and bandstand on Australia Street for a week or so. It has a professional shine and polish to it, but appeared seemingly overnight, and with no official self-congratulatory Council signs or plaques.

It does have a Guerrilla Gardeners sign, so I was preparing to file it under "mystery" (a completely awesome mystery):

But then I asked myself, since when have Guerrilla Gardeners had the facilities or resources to produce an beautifully manufactured "Play" stop sign?

The answer: Since Guerrilla Gardeners became a Channel Ten TV show.


I would have preferred it to be a community initiative, but whatever motivated its appearance, we've still ended up with an ornamental border of succulents and a shady spot to play some chess this Summer. Maybe it should be known as Gift Horse Green.


waferbaby said...

Feel free to use my pic of the PLAY sign, btw:

or any from the area, for that matter. :)

(i'm a friend of your brother's).

Duncan said...

The 'bush park' between the Mitre 10 car park and Wilson St was also turfed around the same time. I saw the guys preparing the ground around 8pm on a Sunday, but there were no cameras around - nor were there any council notifications etc (and it was a Sunday !).

The next day it was turfed, and a couple of days later someone had already nicked some of the turf rolls leaving a nice dirt gash in the grass.

Still a mystery as to who was responsible. It seems unlikely it was the Guerrillas - no signs and not nearly as prominent as the Australia Street raid.

Will said...

You know the 'guerilla art' phenomenon is over when they're using it to sell garden shows (on commercial irony!)

Sigh, the mainstream once again gives it's deathly embrace of acceptance to something formerly subversive.

R.I.P. The use of the word 'guerilla' as part of an unauthorised happening



Nellie said...

For years local council ignored requests to do something about the dust bowl that was Newtown Square. Now they just look petulant while talking about pulling down the bandstand and not maintaining the garden. I've heard its the fireies that have made sure the turf hasnt died. At least Channel 10 is making reality teev that puts something back into the community. And the fact that no one has nicked the succulents makes me feel quite proud.

Anonymous said...

check out garden cnr lennox and oxford st

Ms Unreliable said...

I'm not sure whether to be proud or disappointed that guerrilla gardening is making it to TV... said...

Hey, I think these guys are responsible for the cacti at the end of the platform at St Peters. I was interviewed by these 'Guerilla Gardeners', who came replete with a professional TV camera crew, about their latest work on Tuesday last week.

Race Around the World-style homegrown material, or forced viral marketing crap? I dunno...

lucazoid said...

this newtown site, since being re-worked, has brought much joy to locals.

will's comment above seems to lament the death of "guerrilla action" - as if this were an end in itself - rather than to focus on the real effects of the action in the world.

this seems strange, because the idea of guerrilla action is to change the world in some way.

one way of changing the world is for your previously underground activity to become widely accepted. this is a form of success (unless your priority is always to jealously guard your own underground prestige by being "in the resistance".)

Special K said...

I used to like sitting in that space where that pavillion is, where will I sit now? Has it gone? :/