Thursday, January 8, 2009

On King Street, I'm a King

Check out this awesome ode to Newtown from John Kennedy's Love Gone Wrong back from 1985. The come-back starts right here, I reckon...


Miss Wired said...

Awesome! I had to tweet this:

jano said...

Awesome indeed! That song is in my head for good, for ages I've always added the words "I'm a king" if anyone said "on King Street".

So, thanks for the visuals to go with it.

Anonymous said...

Fine as that may be, Nosey, I don't really think it's any match for Outline's 'Cicada (That Ate Five Dock)'


Now that's how you write about a suburb.

Brian said...

JFK is still playing and recording - you might catch him at The Rose in Erko

SteveShannaz said...

Does anyone know if he made a video for his other inner-west classic "Miracle In Marrickville" ?

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